Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Official..I'm a Soccer Mom!

Nathan is now a soccer player! He loves it so far and says often how much fun he's been having.

His first soccer game was last Saturday...YEP that's right...I said it...Saturday.

I managed to put the finishing touches on the cakes, zoom over to the soccer field...zoom back to the shop and race ( not with a cake..we NEVER race with cakes) to deliver the final cake of the weekend! Whew that was a lot just to type, not to mention DO.

His game went well. The Bluffton Boys Anacondas (sponsored by who else but Sheri's Edible Designs) lost 3 - 6 or 7, whos counting. Nathan scored a goal too...for the other team!!! It was funny...he was so happy but couldn't figure out why no one was clapping and cheering!

Below are a few pictures from the game and the wedding cake from the weekend.

As always, enjoy!

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