Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking to trim, slim and tone for your big day? Go LoCo!!

It's just like recess used to be; breathless, invigorating, and fun!

That is the mantra of LoCo Boot Camp.
LoCo is a total body conditioning program that includes cutting edge fitness instruction, nutritional education, and team motivation, along with access to a variety of premier wellness services. Unlike other programs that take a military or individual approach to boot camp, LoCo’s team-oriented conditioning style is designed to encourage and support you while you experience the pure enjoyment of feeling your body in motion.

LoCo Boot Camp hosts a series of 4 week long camps, with the most recent running July 12-August 6.

LoCo Boot Camp owner, Laura Morgan, reached out to area wedding professionals inviting us to attend this camp to help promote the 'Bridal Buddies' Boot Camp. Take a look at the link HERE.

I have to say, the idea of getting up early to start at 5:45 am didn't sit well with me at first, but one swift look down at that 'baby belly' of mine still lurking 7 months post-partum, I couldn't sign up fast enough! My job is demanding, and every one knows I work some long hours. I love the flexibility of the different schedules with LoCo Boot Camp. I feel better knowing my workout is done for the day before the rest of my family wakes up. Not an early riser? LoCo has 3 camps daily! Check out the schedule HERE.

Today marked the beginning of week 2 and I can say first hand, this work out will kick your butt! You feel it all, and the best news's working! I'm already down 2 dress sizes! I cannot wait to see the final results at the end of camp!

If you're looking for a great way to effectively firm up, drop pounds and inches, and increase your energy level - do not pass on this opportunity!

LoCo offers the community an opportunity to attend a day of camp for free before making the commitment. Contant Laura Morgan at 843-540-3064 or email her at

Go Loco!