Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A point of view from the other side of me..........

My clients, friends, fans and loyal blog followers have read my blog week after week. You've seen the happenings of this busy cake artist, you've seen photos of the cakes I create, but now I'm going to write this blog from the other side of me. I'd like to think I have a little more to offer this world than my cake art!

Me in a nut shell!

* I'm a 26 year old wife of an amazing man, mother to two adorable little boys, daughter to my fantastic parents, sister of a couple crazy siblings and friend of many wonderful people I am blessed to have in my life.

* In addition to making cakes, I enjoy painting and reading (wish I had more time for both)

* I bake better than I cook, but my cooking has managed to keep my family alive for the past 9 years so it can't be too bad!

* I can't wink, and learned to snap my fingers and whistle in my 20's

* I once thought I was going to be an architect- then aspired to become a polymer textile chemist- then wanted to be a sculptor- then a chef...........now I sort of do all of that!

* I look for the beauty in every day circumstances, though sometimes difficult to find- I usually find it

* I learned the most in my life- in 4th grade!

* My sons are amazing miracles. I love them both. They exhibit very small aspects of my genetics and are primarily my husbands clones- and I am at peace with that.

* My oldest son, Nathan, amazes me everyday! He is wise beyond his 7 years and is very well rounded. A purple belt in Taekwondo, he also enjoys running with his elementary school running club (has logged over 60 miles this school year alone) and also enjoys performing with the local youth theatre.

* Cameron, my 16 month old crazy man is a huge piece of my heart- I couldn't believe we actually took the step to have a second child, but I thank God every day that we did! He's a handful ( he's actually eating dog food as I write this) but he is lovable and funny just the same!

* I met my husband what seems like eons ago- but I love him more than I could ever imagine. I admire him in so many ways and think I want to be like him when I grow up!

* My pet peeves are having to repeat myself more than once- red mini vans because red is a sporty color, and clearly mini vans are not sporty- and when grown men wear pants that have belt loops, but don't wear a belt. Jeans are excluded!

* My husband once had to rescue me from a snorkeling adventure in the Bahamas. I had a panic attack and he blew up my emergency vest for me. He didn't have to...but he did. ;)

* My house is full of male dominance- but I am the queen! Being the only female in the house sometimes has it's drawbacks on movie night and game night!

* I could go on quite some time with this list, but I'll stop here so that some of me will remain a mystery.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank you, Mother Nature- you spared us.

I am first going to start this blog by saying that my heart goes out to all the people affected by the storms and tornadoes along the East Coast. The U.S. was hit hardest in the South East, where many people in North Carolina and nearby regions lost their lives, homes and loved ones.

This storm system was threatening to arrive over the weekend. While everyone here was busy checking the radar, I was busy singing "Rain Rain Go Away"! Well, it worked! With the exception of a few drops here and there, it was a beautiful weekend!

Paige, one of the sweetest brides EVER, wanted a 4 tier cake with an offset build to resemble a staircase effect. This simple butter cream cake was decorated with a sugar oyster shell on top, another oyster half shell on one of the lower tiers and a scattering of black pearls made of sugar. LOVE this cake!

Laurel wanted a classic style cake with varying shades of whites, ivories and taupes- trimmed with a light lavender fondant band and BEAUTIFUL live flowers provided by Henry Kretchmer of The Flower Garden. Aren't the ivory English Roses so beautiful?!!

These little guys are 8 individual mini cakes made for a table setting for 8. Each place setting will get it's very own mini cake. Each cake had a small, half opened dwarf magnolia made of sugar with sugar lavender. I can't wait to see the professional photographer images from this event!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little of this....a little of that............

I very much enjoy weeks I have the opportunity to create cakes for clients whose ideas and design favorites range all over the spectrum. This week I created a military insignia for a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps, a beach themed wedding cake for a couple who traveled from the West Coast to tie the knot on our beautiful island, and a wedding cake for a couple who have a more sophisticated flair, wanting a wedding cake with a beautiful traditional cascade of calla lilies (made of sugar). With a week like this, my job will never seem monotonous!

Tiare chose a beach design complete with sand, white chocolate sea shells, sugar beach fence and the adorable little sugar beach chairs which read " Husband" and "Wife". They celebrated their big day at The Crowne Plaza Resort on Hilton Head Island. Tiare's cake flavor choice was Sweet Vanilla Butter Cake filled with Vanilla Butter Cream. Congrats!

Jennifer and Daniel celebrated their day at the beautiful Port Royal Golf Club on Hilton Head and opted for a grandiose 4 tier round cake, finished in butter cream accented by a smoky purple fondant band at the base of each tier and over 100 sugar calla lilies creating a beautiful yet sophisticated cascade. They chose alternating tiers of Pink Champagne and Vanilla Custard to serve their 140 guests. Congratulations you guys!

Gunnery Sergeant Smalls is celebrating 20 dedicated years! This cake is the Gunnery Sergeant insignia for her rank! The cake was Sweet Vanilla Butter Cake with cream cheese filling, vanilla custard and fresh strawberries! Thank you GySgt Smalls for providing this photo to share!

Is your mouth watering yet??

Monday, April 4, 2011

This is more than edible art, it's a vision........

Can I just start this blog by saying " I love what I do"? It's just the best way to sum it up. I use my artistic abilities, combine them with my passion for the ultimate culinary experience of flavor, throw in some of my background in sculpture and I'd say it's a pretty well-rounded profession. But why DO I love it? I truly believe it is part wonderful clients added to part this studio is my sanctuary added to part I'm totally creating edible sculptures of art! But at the end of the day it's really because I get to create this- week after week!


Jenna's vision of the perfect wedding cake was something fun, bright and whimsical. After sending a few rounds of design sketches, we reached this fun design for her big day! I adore this cake!!!

Liz and Drew wanted a simple yet classic style for their wedding cake. Using different shades of whites, ivories and taupes, this is their breath-taking wedding cake! Special thanks to A Floral Affair for providing me with such beautiful flowers to create this cascade from.

Courtney and Therese were married on the Spirit of Harbour Town, which is a yacht based out of Hilton Head's very own Harbour Town. With view of the famed Harbour Town light house, and a gorgeous ocean backdrop at sunset, their wedding sailed on a beautiful day!

Athena and Joe were married at the beautiful Hampton Hall Club in Bluffton. Hampton Hall is such a beautiful and versatile venue and their event director, Ashleigh Whitmore does a fantastic job! Athena had a vintage vision for her black and white wedding. Intricate piping detail mimics her napkins while the big black bow mimics her gown. Congrats!

Cathy and Robert were married at the beautiful Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa. I love working with the entire staff at the Westin! Cathy and Robert also enlisted the help of wedding planner extraordinaire, Amanda Spencer with Spencer Special Events. Amanda and her team executed every detail flawlessly to create a beautiful night Cathy and Robert will remember forever. Cathy wanted a fun and beachy wedding cake in shades of white, yellow and blues. This is what we came up with!

Danielle Merriman of The Westin on Hilton Head is a fantastic catering sales manager! She helped Cathy and Robert plan their big day, which also happened to be her birthday! Working on her birthday, Danielle never expected the entire team of professionals would take time to acknowledge her day. This is the secret surprise cake that Cathy, the bride, wanted created for Danielle. Happy Birthday Danielle!