Sunday, September 26, 2010

I've forgotten what the insides of my eyelids look like..........

I've forgotten what the insides of my eyelids look like..........

Sleep doesn't come easy in September...okay it doesn't come at all! But who would want to sleep when there are so many beautiful wedding cakes to be created?!

Sorry to have left you hanging in the blog-o-sphere for so long. Where were we? Oh, yes that's right- in August! Forgive me friends!

The last two weeks have been jam-packed with wedding cake production. I've been busy playing cake wizard behind closed doors and an appointment schedule of unavailability. If you're new to my blog or you haven't yet secured your wedding cake with Sheri's Edible Designs, it's safe to say this is a crazy time of year and I have been known to clear the calendar of all things consultation. I do this to be able focus my energy to the cakes and clients who've ordered them- after all, it is someone's wedding cake we're talking about here. Not to worry though, the same courtesy I extend to my current clients is the same courtesy I will extend to you on your wedding day. I let nothing come in the way of my production schedule and I'm sure that is preferred.

So what have I been so busy creating? Behold the unveiling of............

Palmetto Bluff- sugar cymbidium orchids

Colorful Non-Traditional wedding cake

Original Design Sketch

Final Product

Grooms Cake- Baltimore Ravens and Orioles fan

Wedding Cake - Neon Color Fun

Shipyard Plantation- Traditional Wedding Cake

Bright Blue with Sea Shells made of chocolate

Simple and Chic dessert table with cakes all in white

Coral colored band with sugar paste shells

Fuschia Fondant with sugar calla lilies

Delivery load 1

Delivery load 2

Haig Point wedding cake.

Palmetto Dunes- chocolate sea shell wedding cake

Fripp Island Wedding Cake- sugar sea shells

Turquoise and Red wedding cake with sugar shells
Wedding cake with sugar Star Gazer Lilies

Mickey Mouse Club House Birthday Cake