Monday, September 29, 2008

Congratulations September 27 and 28 Married Couples!

What a weekend! It was beautiful here in Hilton Head this past weekend. Perfect weather and temperatures. As for wedding weather, it couldn't be beat!

Before I get to the photos of the wedding cakes from this past weekend, let me first tell you that I will never get tired of seeing wedding receptions being set up. I have had the opportunity to see every wedding venue decorated in all its wedding splendor over the course of my professional career, but I have also had the opportunity to see them transformed several times. It is so neat how one space can be made to look completely different depending on decor. For instance, I delivered a cake last weekend to a venue where there was nothing but color. Flowers, linens, center pieces, it was really a beautiful colorful wedding. This past weekend I delivered a cake to the same location where the color scheme was black and white. It was an equally beautiful wedding, but made the space look completely different. I am always excited to see what my couples dream up for their special day.

Now, a little congrats to the married couples of this weekend!

Kim and Cris- Moreland Landing, Palmetto Bluff

Kim and Cris are biologists and wanted cakes to represent their shared passion.

Janee and Jessy- Vic's on the River- Savannah, GA

I did not have the opportunity to meet Janee and Jessy, which is common practice for destination weddings. The theme of this wedding was definitely pink. I hope I created a cake they will remember forever!

Tanya and Sean- Callawassie Island Country Club- Callawassie Island, SC

Tanya and Sean are a great couple. We had been going back and forth regarding cake design for months now. The unique thing is Tanya herself is a personal chef and is very familiar with the world of pastry arts. Tanya said to me one day " I really think I want something that I could not create myself". I certainly hope I lived up to the challenge! Tanya and Sean's wedding cake had a textured butter cream finish adorned with over 100 hand made sugar flowers.

Andrea and Travis- Plantation Club- Sea Pines Plantation- Hilton Head Island, SC

Andrea and Travis had a black and white themed reception and opted for cupcakes in place of a traditional stacked cake. There were 200 cupcakes, topped with chocolate curls and shavings. The topper cake was white butter cream with a black sugar paste bow. Congratulations you two!

Tammy and Pam- Private Residence in Palmetto Dunes- Hilton Head Island, SC

Tammy and Pam are a wonderful couple. They chose to hold their commitment ceremony on a private section of beach in beautiful Palmetto Dunes with the reception following in a "MTV Cribs" style ocean front home they rented for the week. This is common in Hilton Head to rent a beach home and invite friends and family to stay the remainder of the week following your event. Tammy and Pam were so much fun and I hope they loved their cake as much as I loved creating it!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Congratulations and Many Blessings!

Saturday September 20 was a perfect day for wedded bliss. The air was cool, the skies were bright and there was an awesome sea breeze for the majority of the day.

I want to take a moment to congratulate the beautiful couples who were married this weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller- Country Club of Hilton Head

Mr. and Mrs. Heydt- Harbor Island Beach Club- Harbor Island, SC

Mr. and Mrs. Snyder- Private Residence- SeaPines- Hilton Head, SC

Mr. and Mrs. Wells- Mitchelville Beach Park- Hilton Head Island, SC

Mr. and Mrs. Markham- Private Residence North Forest Beach- Hilton Head Island, SC

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's Official..I'm a Soccer Mom!

Nathan is now a soccer player! He loves it so far and says often how much fun he's been having.

His first soccer game was last Saturday...YEP that's right...I said it...Saturday.

I managed to put the finishing touches on the cakes, zoom over to the soccer field...zoom back to the shop and race ( not with a cake..we NEVER race with cakes) to deliver the final cake of the weekend! Whew that was a lot just to type, not to mention DO.

His game went well. The Bluffton Boys Anacondas (sponsored by who else but Sheri's Edible Designs) lost 3 - 6 or 7, whos counting. Nathan scored a goal too...for the other team!!! It was funny...he was so happy but couldn't figure out why no one was clapping and cheering!

Below are a few pictures from the game and the wedding cake from the weekend.

As always, enjoy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nathan! Clean up your mess!!

Today marked the OFFICIAL destruction in the new store! I know I know, it has to look ugly before we can make it pretty!

I did treat the men hard at work to some cake today. I know they were working up a sweat and appetite so I kindly brought them all a box of 3 different kinds of cake, snapped a photo or ten, and marched my way out of there!

Here are a few photos of the result of the blasting and jack hammering that has been going on. I'm sure my new neighbors LOVE me already. Bang Bang Bang..Clank Clank Clank, Hammer Hammer Hammer!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Update of Progress On Our New Store!

Construction has finally begun on our new location at The Bridge Center in Bluffton!

I'm excited to be moving to more space and a better center location between the areas I service! We had begun the process late June and are schedule to be wrapped up early November.

Well, the permit process is the longest part I've been told. We've been getting plans together and applying for permits and permission since June. The new location for Sheri's Edible Designs has officially broken ground this week!!!! My contractor is still confident we will make our November 1 deadline if not a week or so behind schedule, which is not terrible since things never seem to work that way in construction. The threat of Hurricane Hannah put a fire under the know whats... and they were able to get the walls up in just two days! And YES, they are done correctly! :)

I have attached a few pictures to keep everyone very much a part of the process. Its exciting to be growing and expanding, yet very nerve wracking all at once. This is the first new construct project I've ever been a part of. I'm learning as we go!

These pictures don't look like much, but they mean the world to me!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not So Traditional

One of the biggest misconceptions about me and my cakes is that I don't create "traditional" cakes since almost everything on my website is colorful and funky.

I absolutely create simple, elegant and traditional wedding cakes. To be honest with you, I pick and choose what goes on my website. I feel that if I can display the fact that I create the fun funky things, my clients can assume I would be able to create something simple as well.

Truth is I am young, I am a little cutting edge and I am very artistic. Clients come to Sheri's Edible Designs for a number of reasons. One being they want the best tasting wedding cake they have ever had (shameless plug :) but true) and another because they want a wedding cake that is stylish and has never been seen before.

I give my clients what they want. If you want a 10 foot tall sand castle, then by-golly, you are going to get a 10 foot tall sand castle. There really truly is little limit to what can be created with cake!

I want to share with you a couple wedding cakes from this past weekend that do not fit into the "traditional category". I really loved both of these cakes. They could easily pass for party cakes but were chosen for weddings.

Congratulations to both of these wonderful couples! It was my pleasure to work with you!