Monday, May 3, 2010

There must be something in the air!

No- seriously...there must be! It is no doubt the celebration season and that couldn't ring more true for the 25 clients I serviced in the last 2 weeks! It has been crazy, busy, beautiful and worthwhile!

As my business and popularity grow (and I say this in the most humble way), so does my obsession with providing the most perfect, memorable and delicious cakes possible. My wonderful clients took advantage of that this spring and it certainly paid off.

I apologize to the clients whose cakes did not make the blog. Unfortunately, there were some cakes that were picked up before I could snap a photo, and some deliveries where I forgot my camera. All cakes were photo worthy :-) and will be posted as soon as I get the pro pics from my photog friends! Enjoy!

Here is a look into some of what has been created in the last 2 weeks!