Sunday, January 25, 2009

Every Cake Has A Story

Every cake has a story- I still know every story behind the hundreds of cakes I've created. Each is unique and different, special in it's own way. Getting to know the client ordering the cake is just as important to me as learning the story for each design I create.

Enjoy some of the latest party cakes complete with their stories!!

This cake was created for Gaby- a sweet girl turning 7! Her party was complete with bold pastel colors and her party dress was polka dotted whimsy. I created 3 different designs for Gaby and her mom to review- This one won!! Happy 7th Birthday Gaby!!

This Cake!! What can I say- the story is priceless! Story First: Carson Jean was baptized this weekend- her family was there to celebrate her and her blessing. Little did all of Carson's family know- it was also Carson's mom and dad's surprise wedding!! Laura and Russell were married just following Carson's baptism. My understanding is sweet little Carson was baptized then the preacher turned around and announced to 30 surprised family and guests that Laura and Russell were also walking down the aisle- NOW!

What a great surprise! The cake was pink and red, Carson's nursery colors...the top tier celebrated Carson Jean with whimsical hearts, silver crosses and a single white rose. The bottom tier celebrated Laura and Russell's union- complete with intertwined wedding bands (silver) with their wedding date, and on opposite sides of the bottom tier, excerpts from I Corinithians was piped in buttercream. I very much enjoyed being in on this surprise and am anxiously awaiting news from Laura as to how it all went off!

Happy Sweet 16 Natalie!! Natalie and her mom, Phyllis came to me to create a cake for Natalie's 16th birthday celebration. Natalie fell in love with a cake I created for Janee and Jessy's wedding in September. Of course, we changed the colors to match Natalie's light blue color scheme. This party was beautiful and Natalie is very fortunate to have parents like hers to throw her such a wonderful celebration!

This cake--hahahaha! My friend Annie commissioned me to surprise the daylights out of her boyfriend Adam for his 30th birthday! Every year Annie and her neighbors host an oyster roast. This year the oyster roast happened to fall around Adam's 30th Birthday. Not suspecting anything or expecting a surprise of any kind, Annie decided to half embarrass, half surprise Adam! Since Annie can't keep secrets (AT ALL!), she told Adam she had bought him something blue...he tried multiple times to guess incorrectly so she told him he was getting a pair of blue footie pajamas. I didn't stick around, but I can bet my life that Adam was relieved to find that his something blue was infact-NOT FOOTIE PAJAMAS! Happy Birthday Adam!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Excited for this year!! 2009

Winter weddings are not as common as spring or summer weddings for obvious reasons. While there have still been many weddings, Sheri's Edible Designs has seen more large lavish events for other occasions as of late. January has by far been the party month! When the wedding season slows, the party season flows!

I want to share just a few of the interesting party cakes I've been busy creating lately.

I am also very very excited about 2009. I will be working with some of the greatest couples this year! There are so many awesome new cakes to be made this year....we have lizards, pigs, trucks, tutus, handbags, castles, animals, exploding strawberries, monkeys, donkeys, teeth, feet, sofas, rockets, and of course many beautiful elegant wedding cakes to name a few. Hehe. I can hardly wait!

Enjoy the new cake photos and this New Year!

Friday, January 9, 2009

10 Helpful Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Cake

Below I have listed 10 tips which may be helpful in determining what style wedding cake you are looking for.

1.) Determine whether the overall feel of your wedding reception will be formal, semi-formal or casual. This will help determine your style.

2.) Are you airing more traditional in your overall design, or would you like to create a more contemporary and non-traditional mood for your wedding?

3.) Some designs look better on a particular shape of wedding cake. It is important to think about what shape you envision your cake having, be it round, square, mixed shape, varying heights, separated by flowers or other decor...etc.

4.) Begin to think about ways to (or not to) incorporate your colors into your design. Common ways to do this are by adding sugar flowers or edible ribbon borders to your cake which match the colors of your wedding. This is a classic way to add a splash of color to an otherwise monochromatic design.

5.) How many guests will the cake need to serve? Are you having any desserts other than the wedding cake? Knowing this information before your consultation will greatly help your baker determine the size cake that will best suit your event.

6.) Would you like multiple flavors? It is very common to have multiple flavors in the same cake. With Sheri's Edible Designs, each tier can be a different flavor, rather than the entire cake having just one flavor throughout. You may certainly choose to serve only one flavor of wedding cake, but it is important to know you have options.

7.) Hilton Head is a popular destination wedding location. Local vendors tend to book up quickly. At Sheri's Edible Designs, we carefully limit the number of commitments we accept for a given date, so it is important to begin the ordering process as soon as possible.

8.) Most wedding vendors (myself included) will require you to know your wedding date and venue prior to contracting a wedding cake. This is to assure your wedding will not change in date or location which will in turn change the availability of your vendors.

9.) Will you be needing a separate cake or dessert for your rehearsal dinner? It is common to present the grooms cake the night before at your rehearsal dinner. This is popular for two reasons. 1) It acts as dessert for your guests the night of the rehearsal dinner. 2) It allows the groom to get more creative with his cake design because the bride does not have to be concerned with the grooms cake over-shadowing hers at the wedding :).

10.) Determine whether or not your venue will suggest your wedding cake be displayed indoors or outdoors. This is instrumental in creating a design. Some designs require the use of rolled fondant which is ideal for cakes which will be displayed outdoors at an event. If your first choice is a butter cream finished cake, check to see how flexible your venue is with displaying the cake indoors which will keep the butter cream safe from exposure to wind, dirt, sand, bugs and heat elements that are iminent in the south!

Planning and preparation are essential for a successful event. It is sometimes easy to forget that things such as cake and flowers and rental items need planning of their own. To help you keep track of what is important to you, make a list of questions you would like to ask each of your vendors. This will help keep you from getting distracted at meetings and forgetting to ask the most important questions for your most important concerns.

Happy Planning!

~Sheri's Edible Designs