Sunday, January 18, 2009

Excited for this year!! 2009

Winter weddings are not as common as spring or summer weddings for obvious reasons. While there have still been many weddings, Sheri's Edible Designs has seen more large lavish events for other occasions as of late. January has by far been the party month! When the wedding season slows, the party season flows!

I want to share just a few of the interesting party cakes I've been busy creating lately.

I am also very very excited about 2009. I will be working with some of the greatest couples this year! There are so many awesome new cakes to be made this year....we have lizards, pigs, trucks, tutus, handbags, castles, animals, exploding strawberries, monkeys, donkeys, teeth, feet, sofas, rockets, and of course many beautiful elegant wedding cakes to name a few. Hehe. I can hardly wait!

Enjoy the new cake photos and this New Year!

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