Sunday, January 25, 2009

Every Cake Has A Story

Every cake has a story- I still know every story behind the hundreds of cakes I've created. Each is unique and different, special in it's own way. Getting to know the client ordering the cake is just as important to me as learning the story for each design I create.

Enjoy some of the latest party cakes complete with their stories!!

This cake was created for Gaby- a sweet girl turning 7! Her party was complete with bold pastel colors and her party dress was polka dotted whimsy. I created 3 different designs for Gaby and her mom to review- This one won!! Happy 7th Birthday Gaby!!

This Cake!! What can I say- the story is priceless! Story First: Carson Jean was baptized this weekend- her family was there to celebrate her and her blessing. Little did all of Carson's family know- it was also Carson's mom and dad's surprise wedding!! Laura and Russell were married just following Carson's baptism. My understanding is sweet little Carson was baptized then the preacher turned around and announced to 30 surprised family and guests that Laura and Russell were also walking down the aisle- NOW!

What a great surprise! The cake was pink and red, Carson's nursery colors...the top tier celebrated Carson Jean with whimsical hearts, silver crosses and a single white rose. The bottom tier celebrated Laura and Russell's union- complete with intertwined wedding bands (silver) with their wedding date, and on opposite sides of the bottom tier, excerpts from I Corinithians was piped in buttercream. I very much enjoyed being in on this surprise and am anxiously awaiting news from Laura as to how it all went off!

Happy Sweet 16 Natalie!! Natalie and her mom, Phyllis came to me to create a cake for Natalie's 16th birthday celebration. Natalie fell in love with a cake I created for Janee and Jessy's wedding in September. Of course, we changed the colors to match Natalie's light blue color scheme. This party was beautiful and Natalie is very fortunate to have parents like hers to throw her such a wonderful celebration!

This cake--hahahaha! My friend Annie commissioned me to surprise the daylights out of her boyfriend Adam for his 30th birthday! Every year Annie and her neighbors host an oyster roast. This year the oyster roast happened to fall around Adam's 30th Birthday. Not suspecting anything or expecting a surprise of any kind, Annie decided to half embarrass, half surprise Adam! Since Annie can't keep secrets (AT ALL!), she told Adam she had bought him something blue...he tried multiple times to guess incorrectly so she told him he was getting a pair of blue footie pajamas. I didn't stick around, but I can bet my life that Adam was relieved to find that his something blue was infact-NOT FOOTIE PAJAMAS! Happy Birthday Adam!

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