Friday, February 6, 2009


It's almost Valentine's Day and love is in the air. I can't help but get a little more sentimental and a lot more mushy-gushy this time of year!

I thought it may be interesting to share a funny story with you.

There is a very fine line between professional and too personal when it comes to my clients. I like to keep our meetings and dealings professional, but I am a compassionate person and like to get to know people whenever I have the opportunity. The point of my rambling :) is that I like to get to know how potential clients met, how they became engaged, how he (or sometimes even she) proposed, etc. I never ask though. I welcome the information, but I now know after the story I'm about to tell here, that things may be a little TOO personal and I will let the info be volunteered!

This story is on the milder side- I've heard some far out proposal stories and some that would make me tear up on the inside at a meeting. This one is just too darn cute! I will leave their names anonymous but I was given permission to retell this story.

We will call them Ann and John for story telling purposes.

2 Holiday seasons ago, Ann and John made the first big step by moving in together. They had dated for 2 years and knew this was the next step. John worked days and Ann worked evenings so for the majority of the day, Ann was left to entertain herself and work on making their new apartment "home". She told John she wanted to get a pet, and thought maybe a dog would be best because it would after all be his pet too. The idea never really materialized and Ann really didn't mention it again.

Christmas Eve- John secretly went out to buy Ann a gift, actually two- a puppy and an engagement ring!

Ann went out to secretly buy John a gift, a puppy.

Hahahahaha!!- wait, it gets better!

Christmas morning, while Ann was sleeping, John raced to his parents house where the puppy had been kept. Little did John know, Ann left early to get HIS gift (the puppy) from her friend two apartment units down the block.

Meanwhile, in the car, John had secured the ring (very securely he swears) to the puppy's collar. The plan was for the puppy to race up to Ann with the ring around his neck and hoped she would be elated, and start crying...well you get the point!

John made it into their apartment to find Ann wasn't there. He thought that was perfect since the two could hide by the tree together and when Ann walked in and turned the corner, she would be surprised.

Ann- with John's gift in tow, came up the stairs, walked in the house, put the puppy down to get acclimated to its surroundings and proceeded to take her coat off and hang her keys etc. John's gift ran into the room where John was hiding with the other puppy (are you even still following me here??) and the two puppies met... a little confused, John let the puppies sniff each other. The puppy Ann brought, bit, ate and swallowed the ring off John's puppy's collar!

John knew he had to do something- but would have to do it later! So John and Ann laughed at the fact they both bought each other puppies, decided to keep them both (duh!) and spent the rest of the morning with their new puppies. Because it was Christmas Day, John knew he probably wouldn't be able to take the ring eating puppy to the vet, so he watched carefully at the puppy's demeanor and of course for him to "pass" the ring on. Needless to say, Ann got a brand new ring- and John found a different way to propose- two days later. The funniest part is that John followed the puppy around for the next two days watching his EVERY move!! :)

Finally the ring was passed, Ann never knew about it until much later. Don't know if John kept the ring or if he tried to clean it real well and take it back.... ewww, but Ann thought the story was incredible once she learned of what actually transpired!

Ann and John told me they don't get a chance to tell the story often because it takes so long to tell- they were happy to share this story with me. It is now just over a year since the proposal, they still have their pups, but neither of them will play ring bearer at their wedding!

Thank you for sharing John and Ann!

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