Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome Allyson Anne!

My good friend Sarah delivered her beautiful little girl on August 15, 2008. Allyson Anne weighed 6lb. 5oz. and was 21 inches long.

I had the luxury of being able to visit them in Virginia this past weekend! I'm so proud of Sarah and Rick. Allyson is my little peanut, I love that little girl! Here are some photos of Allyson and my trip to Virginia!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

Okay so sometimes it's fun to take a look back to the humble beginnings. :)

I am often asked how long I've been creating cakes since I am only 23 years old. Truth is, not as long as most would think. I personally think it doesn't matter to a certain extent. Whether I've been creating cakes for 10 years or 10 months, my work should speak for itself. I began creating cakes on a professional level in 2005, just shy of my 21st birthday. In the realm of professional statistics, that is not long at all.

I thought I would share with you how far I have come in just 3 years. The pictures below are cakes I created on the very same day 3 years apart. I doubt you will have trouble figuring out which is which.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Yay, I'm back up on Google!

Some of you may or may have not noticed, but my site ( was dropped from Googles search results for some mysterious reason. If you searched for my name every site ,even closely related, would appear except for mine. I have read that this can happen from time to time and usually lasts a week or so. I disappeared for almost a month. Ouch! But all is well in cyberworld now! Yay!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Hello Everyone!

Sheri thought I should introduce myself to some of you who don't know me. My name is Gary, or 'Gary-Alice' as Sheri refers to me (guess you will have to watch 'Ace of Cakes' to get that one). I am Sheri's assistant. I can be found delivering cakes with (or without) Sheri at times. I can also be found washing her dishes, cleaning her floors, vacuuming out her Kia, doing her taxes, keeping her webpage up and running, working on her new cake studio, ordering, calling suppliers, doing her laundry, or being yelled at when it's 1 AM and she's putting finishing touches on a cake for the next day and she's exhausted. I'm also her husband. :)

You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger fan of Sheri and her work. I've watched her talent blossom over the past several years. I've enjoyed making family trips to different parts of the South so Sheri could learn new skills. I've watched her create just about every cake that has left her studio. I have missed a few but she is always quick to sit me down when she gets home to show me the pictures she took of her work (and there are always lots of pictures). I'm proud of her work and who she is, not only as a cake artist, but as a wife and mother.

Just thought I'd say hello. I look forward to seeing all of you soon.


Me in uniform :) ------------------->

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How Early is Too Early To Order My Wedding Cake?

Ordering a wedding cake may seem that it should be one of the last checks on your list. There are certainly more important checks to make such as venue, photographer, band/dj and florist as these are some of the vendors who book up quickly.

Ordering a wedding cake, however, should not be put off too long.

A safe time range is 4-6 months out. Limited availability for most bakers comes 3-4 months in advance.

It is difficult to predict when certain dates may book solid. It is safe to begin to contact your cake designer as soon as possible to inquire as to their particular method for ordering.

They may tell you it is safest to secure your cake order now, and others may tell you to contact them a little closer to the 4-6 month mark.

6-10 months out is the ideal time frame for ordering your cake from Sheri's Edible Designs.

Some dates are more popular than others. If you happen to be in need of a cake and your wedding is a couple months away, it never hurts to call and ask. If I am available, I will gladly create the cake of your dreams!

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nintendo Wii Challenge! (Long with Back Story)

I am not a gamer by any means. For one, I don't have time to do much but cakes this time of year and for two, the last video game I really mastered was Sonic the Hedgehog #1 and 2 when I was 10 or so.

In June I bought my husband a Wii system for his birthday. I know it is all the rage amongst those "gamer" type and children alike so I figured it would buy my family many hours of entertainment while I was at the shop those late Friday and Saturday nights.

Let me back track a little here. Davis Household History: Our collection consists of Sega Genesis, N64, Playstation 1 and 2 and now Nintendo Wii. We skipped the GameCube/XBox era.


BackStory (LONG) Skip To The End If You Just Want Challenge Info

June 13, 2008 (Happy Birthday to Hubby!)- Nathan and I have been trying to track down a Wii for 3 weeks. To no avail (after stopping by every Best Buy and Wal-Mart and Target everyday) no one had any. Morning of Hubby's birthday I had to buy another gift..the usual boring wife gifts like new clothes, essentials and maybe a PS2 game or two. Then one last effort I call the Best Buy in Beaufort (45min to an hour from me) and they have just one! I say...HOLD IT FOR ME PLEASE!!! I will be there when I close my store at 5pm. "No mam" says a reluctant clerk, "we hold them for just 1 hour."

At this point I am up to my elbows in butter cream and have no gas in my car (i'm terrible about stopping unless I have to). I say "forget it, I can't make it in an hour."

I let 10 minutes go by pondering whether or not this was the right decision since I really know he'll be very surprised since he is probably only expecting socks, undies and cologne from me.

I call back and say " I'll be there in 1 hour!"

I scoop Nathan up, get in the car, race across the street (cautiously) to get gas and head on my way to Beaufort. Mind you this is 1pm in the afternoon and it is lunch time in Hilton Head and Bluffton. This is the craziest time of day for traffic..I don't care what anyone says about 5pm! It takes me 1 hour and 12 minutes to finally get in the store.

I race to the counter and wait in line for what seems like forever. I approach the counter and say "there is a Nintendo Wii on hold for Sheri Davis"

A very serious techie says "Mam I'm sorry, we aren't authorized to put Nintendo Wiis on hold, I'm not sure who told you we would, but they really weren't supposed to do that. We are out"

My heart wait.. I felt my blood begin to boil (not letting it show).

A silent confused pause and then "Just kidding. Here it is"

I could have punched and kissed him all in the same motion.

I went and got the necessary accessories, and a couple games to get the hubby started and I was out of there as happy as could be.

What about the stand-by gift I bought before getting the Wii? Father's day was 2 days later so we were safe for that too! How Cool!

Hubby opens Wii, looks at me, looks at Wii, looks at me...says " You bought me a Wii?" My first reaction was maybe he didn't want one like the rest of society. I was puzzled and a little disappointed. I later found out he loved it but was just surprised to get something besides socks and undies (hey..there's always Father's Day right?).


1 week later

The Wii system comes with a series of games called Wii Sports. This includes Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Golf and Boxing.

We love to bowl as a family and not have to go anywhere. Tuesday night PJ bowling is a favorite in our house now!

If you get a high enough average and maintain it you can go pro and get a sparkly ball. It's just an all around cute game. Not too serious, not great graphics, just fun.

Nathan, who is 4 mind you, bowled a 278 after just a week or so of playing! My highest is 238 and my husbands' is a 254.


The Challenge

If anyone here can or has bowled a 278 or higher, please comment this blog. Give your age, score and gender. I'm curious how crazy this is to do. To keep it fun, you can take a photo of your score on the screen and post that too. If you are unsure how to post, you can email it to me and I will post your score on your behalf (with permission of course)

I think this could be fun!

oh no...where did i go??

First and foremost let me say I am not sick. If I were sick, this would all make sense. I have lost my voice. It started to give out on me last night. I woke up this morning having to whisper my words...and I screeched through my 4 meetings today!! Sorry guys!!

Not sure exactly what happened. The other day I swallowed my food wrong and had to choke it up. Perhaps I scratched something??

Moral of the story here is please be patient with me the next few days. :)

I am not in any condition to speak over the telephone. Thank goodness my typing fingers still work!

Good night all. Its time for tea with lemon and honey for me!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Sweet 16 Ashley Lamiroult!

This weekend I had the pleasure of creating a "totally wicked" birthday cake for Ashley Lamiroult's 16th Birthday. Ashley is a 16 year old girl whom at age 15 was diagnosed with Leukemia and is now in remission.

Get the story here :

Ashley, her mother Marjorie and two of her closest friends were invited to taste samples of cake flavors for her dream cake. It was at this time Ashley let me know her party's theme is Alice in Wonderland with a strong concentration on the Tea Party and the mice. I just knew this cake had to be special.

Together, we came up with a whimsical mad tea party themed cake complete with sugar mice, Alice, Mushrooms and Tea Pot.

The finished product was a large, shiny and somewhat tilted cake which got a huge seal of approval from Ashley and her friends and family.

Ashley chose Pink Champagne, Raspberry Almond and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fruit Truffle. Great choices Ash!

I was also given the privilege to attend this party (someone had to cut and serve this cake right?). It was a great time had by all and we were made to feel like we were old friends.

I just want to say how amazing Ashley and her family are. Truly gracious people and I am happy to know them.

Here a few photos from the party. I think Ashley looks beautiful in all of them so I hope she doesn't get upset about the photos of her I chose!