Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Time Fun

I love the summer wedding season! The cakes in the summer season tend to have neither theme nor distinct style. In the world of cake design, anything goes during the dead of summer!

You may notice spring time is full of light pinks and greens, fresh or sugar flowers and simple colored trim. Fall cakes bear fruit, dark colors, patterns and textures. Seasons definitely have a general color scheme, too. Dark, deep hues for the fall and light jewel-toned pastels for the spring.

In the summer we see beach theme, formal with monograms, sand castles (yes...castles), tall grande allure, and most of all the use of a wide array of colors from every end of the spectrum!

With that in mind, please enjoy some of the highlights of the summer - in cake!

A special thanks to the talented Scott Hopkins Photography and also to Landon Jacob Productions for the awesome professional images you see above!