Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away- Spare Lauren and Kevin Their Wedding Day!

Drip Drop, Drip Drop....Same old story for most of this October!

This weekend the inclimate weather affected two wonderful celebrations. The first was Celebrate Hilton Head magazine's Bachelor Party Carnivale- held Thursday at Riders Lounge on Hilton Head Island. While the rain held off, the winds and the chill were eminent through most of the evening. I had the pleasure of creating the whimsical Carnivale themed cake for the party, however, I was unable to stick around for the celebration. I hope the party was a success and had a great turnout despite the cloudy skies. The party set up looked fabulous as it was obvious there was alot of planning and preparation involved here.

The cake was a 3 tiered whimiscal structure decorated with bright bold colors and playful detail.

Lauren and Kevin- Country Club of Hilton Head- Hilton Head Island, SC

Lauren and Kevin were married on Friday October 24 at the Country Club of Hilton Head. Friday was soaking wet all day long and didn't let up for Lauren and Kevin. Their plans were to hold their ceremony on Dolphin Head ( a quaint stretch of beach in Hilton Head Plantation) with their reception following at the CC of HH.

This did not happen. Lucky enough, the Country Club of Hilton Head is a great venue and offers the "Plan B" which is to hold your ceremony inside the club on the veranda in the event of uneventful weather. The Veranda area is separate from the Club Room and can be closed off entirely so your guests do not arrive at the reception location before due time. I arrived to deliver their wedding cake just as the ceremony music and applause could be heard from the Veranda room. I knew this meant Lauren and Kevin were now a happily married couple! That was such a nice feeling!

I had really hoped things would turn out better for them in regards to the weather. This was a destination wedding and most likely for the beach! I'm sure they were very pleased with their beautiful "Plan B" and I KNOW they were amazed by their reception! The room was spectacular!

Congratulations Lauren and Kevin!

A Little Moving Day Fun! (he he he)

This weekend was our big move. My husband Gary, my son Nathan and myself moved me out of the Pineland Station location.

The new store is coming along fast. It is not 100% ready to be operational but the progress is moving forward so fast that the excitement over takes me!

Below are some pictures of our wonderful moving day!! ( my husbands story will differ- 300 pound mixers anyone??)

At the end of the long weekend full of moving and painting, my husband still had enough of his witty charm to strike a pose or two for the camera (knowing full well these photos would likely appear on my blog!) Thanks Sweetie!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sailboat Chic, New Store and Arghhhh!

This week is going to be BIG for Sheri's Edible Designs! This week we move out of our current location and into our new store. The new store will not officially be open for a couple more weeks since we need our time to settle in, but you can still make inquiries and get information via email or by phone. We will open back up for consultations by the middle of November. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this exciting and busy time!

Christy and John were married Monday October 20, 2008 in Sea Pines South Beach Marina. Their reception was held at a great restaurant called The Wreck of the Salty Dog. The Wreck's upstairs veranda overlooks South Beach Marina and is a perfect sea side setting for those looking for water views without all the tourists in bathing suits! :) I had the pleasure of speaking to Christy in person just moments before she was whisked away to marry John, her long time love and companion. Christy looked beautiful and I almost teared up because she is just so sweet and I can tell this was about to be the happiest day of her life! Congratulations John and Christy!

ARGHHH!! Nathan has decided he wants to be a pirate for Halloween. He is so creative and inventive and I'm just happy he doesn't want to be Thomas the Train again. We all know what ended up happening last year! (if you don't know, my husband Gary ended up wearing the Thomas the Train costume and was double dared by my sister to break dance in our driveway wearing the costume and he did!)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Defying Gravity with Monkeys, Paisleys and Blood Red Callas

This week at Sheri's Edible Designs was geometrically influenced. The cakes created for the weekend were anything but round. Not that we don't enjoy the round wedding cake, I love them all equally.

I had a group of creative clients this week. Clients whom did not want a traditional cake, but rather something that says "You've never seen this at a wedding before!"

Congratulations to the ones who took the plunge, both in life and in cake design!

Amy and George-Daufuskie Island Resort- Daufuskie Island, SC

Amy and George had a wedding cake as well as a grooms cake. The wedding cake was a 4 tiered square with one offset tier. It was a butter cream finish with various beads and piping and a coral colored fondant ribbon border. The grooms cake is a story all its own- George is a combat engineer in the explosives field for USMC and a graduate of Texas A&M University. Texas is also his home state. He LOVES bananas and had been given the nickname Curious George. His grooms cake was Curious George sitting on top a pile of bananas wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots along with a banana which was actually a stick of dynamite. I hope he loved it! The flavor was Chocolate Banana!

Kristin and Ryan- Port Royal Golf Club- Hilton Head Island, SC

Kristin and Ryan's wedding was Style Style Style. Chocolate Brown and various shades of greens filled the room. The decor and setting were perfect pairs for the season. Kristin wanted a cake which resembled and included the paisley patterns through out her wedding. The Invitations, Save the Dates, Custom Designed Logo, Menus and Place Cards all included this pattern and color scheme. We have worked together for almost a year creating the perfect design. Congratulations Kristin and Ryan!

Holly and Eric- Indigo Hall in Indigo Run Plantation- Hilton Head Island, SC

Holly and Eric are great! Holly (and forgive me Holly) is hard to please (and she knows it) but I love her!

She has simple tastes but wants the best simple you can get. She came to me with a vision of a tall cake, a cake that is unusual but not crazy and a cake that will make you say 'Is that the cake?"

Well, I think we did it Holly! This cake is a 3 tiered hexagon with a butter cream finish, black fondant ribbon borders, sugar calla lily stems running up through the center, and large blood red sugar calla lilies atop the cake. It was nerve wracking but so worth the end result. Lets just say you won't be seeing many more of these from Sheri's Edible Designs :) for a little while at least! Congratulations Holly and Eric!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wet Weather Weekend!

The weekend of October 11 and 12, 2008 was wet and rainy. Just as you can't predict whether or not every meticulously planned detail of your wedding will go off without a hitch, you can't predict the weather.

I truly hope this weekends married couples had wonderful wedding days despite the fact that the skies opened up and did not close until Monday!

I would like to congratulate the newlyweds on their big days and also on keeping up the spirit on the wet rainy weekend!

Jenny and Christopher- Wexford Plantation Club House- Hilton Head, SC

Jenny and Chris elected a 3 tier textured fondant covered wedding cake adorned with live calla lillies.

Erin and Chris- Windows On the Waterway (Hilton Head Plantation), Hilton Head, SC

Erin and Chris are such a sweet couple! They chose a 3 tier square cake finished in butter cream and intricate paisley patterned filigree piped onto the corners of each tier. Chris also wanted a fun St. Louis themed grooms cake. I hope they enjoyed their cakes and their day!

Ashley and Richard- Country Club of Hilton Head- Hilton Head, SC

Ashley and Richard had a beautiful wedding with deep rich hues and shiny textured fabrics. The deep chocolate brown of their linens paired with the whites and ivories of their flowers and decor really transformed this venue. Ashley elected a traditional design to mimic the bead work on her gown. There was a mixture of White Sugar Roses, White Sugar Orchids and White sugar leaves to decorate this cake.

Ashley also wanted to surprise Richard with a Rocky themed grooms cake. He is obsessed and once said they will name their first child Rocky. I hope this grooms cake was a peace offering and a great compromise between his love for Rocky and sparing their first born! Congratulations guys!

Amy and Steven- October 12, 2008-Country Club of Hilton Head (Hilton Head Plantation)

Amy and Steven's wedding was "Beach Chic". White and Sage green filled the room. It was very important to Amy to have live flowers on her cake. In fact, that was the only "MUST" she gave me! Her cake was a 3 tier round, finished in butter cream (with rounded edges) and decorated with live white callas, mixed greens and white chocolate sea shells. I enjoyed creating their simple elegant wedding cake and very much enjoyed the opportunity to work with them!

Ashleigh and Matt- Beaufort Waterfront Park- Beaufort, SC

Ashleigh and Matt are awesome! I have known Ashleigh for more than a year now since she is the former private events director at The Country Club of Hilton Head. Ashleigh and Matt were so gracious and appreciative of every vendor who helped piece together their wine themed wedding.

Their cake was a 3 tier square in ivory butter cream. Decorated with a vine/grape piping, sugar grapes and sugar cherry blossoms in an asymetrical cascade. I did not have the opportunity to photograph their cake. Camera problems mixed with the tight delivery schedule forced me to pick my battles (get the cake there now or take a picture) I chose to get it there! :) Hopefully their wonderful photographer will provide me with a print as their cake was truly beautiful and unique. Any how, Congratulations Ashleigh and Matt!

30th Anniversary Cake- Hilton Head, SC

A couple visiting Hilton Head in celebration of their 30th Anniversary were surprised by their friends with an anniversary cake special for the occasion. Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 4, 2008 Married Couples- Congrats and Many Many Blessings!

October 4, 2008 was a hopping day for weddings on Hilton Head. I had 7 which is a little more than my maximum, but most of these were booked before I put a cap on the number I will take on for a given date. It was craziness but I LOVE all the couples I made cakes for so it was well worth it in the end. Congratulations to all my wonderful friends on starting their new lives together!

Jena and Justin- Country Club of Hilton Head

Shannon and Cameron- Port Royal Golf Club- Hilton Head Island, SC

Whitney and Guy- Shipyard Beach Club- Hilton Head Island, SC

Angela and Alex- Hyatt Hotel Windows Restaurant- Savannah, GA

Stacey and Chase- Spanish Wells Club House- Hilton Head, SC

Happy Sweet 16 Channing!- Frankie Bones- Hilton Head, SC

Lazy Sunday...Mini Golf and Camping

Ahhhhhhh. A Sunday. A Sunday without a wedding cake too. These are very rare. I have a wedding cake or wedding cakes almost every Sunday. This week that was not the case so we got to spend some quality family time. A WHOLE day with mom! Yikes!

I didn't do much today but did a lot at the same time. I returned phone calls and emails, made much needed phone calls and emails and then my "work" was done for the day.

My son Nathan will be 5 in 3 weeks and we have not had a family camping trip since he was in diapers. He asked to go camping so we (and you are going to die laughing) pitched our tent in our back yard and slept in it last night! The neighbors were probably saying "the Davis' have snapped and gone nutty!"

It was fun though and great temps for it.

We also took Nathan mini golfing today. It was great. Again, he hasn't been since he was in diapers but he really never had an interest to before. Ever since hes been playing Wii golf, he has been bitten by the bug and will golf or bowl at every opportunity given to him. It was fun. We soon realized that we were all rusty so we didn't keep score. Too much counting for a day off!

Afterwards we stopped at the new store to peek in to see the new doors in their frames and then went to dinner at one of my favorite little places called The Upper Crust. We shared a large pizza and called it a night. It was a great day and a much needed one at that.

I have posted some mini golf pics below.

Happy Sunday to You!