Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lazy Sunday...Mini Golf and Camping

Ahhhhhhh. A Sunday. A Sunday without a wedding cake too. These are very rare. I have a wedding cake or wedding cakes almost every Sunday. This week that was not the case so we got to spend some quality family time. A WHOLE day with mom! Yikes!

I didn't do much today but did a lot at the same time. I returned phone calls and emails, made much needed phone calls and emails and then my "work" was done for the day.

My son Nathan will be 5 in 3 weeks and we have not had a family camping trip since he was in diapers. He asked to go camping so we (and you are going to die laughing) pitched our tent in our back yard and slept in it last night! The neighbors were probably saying "the Davis' have snapped and gone nutty!"

It was fun though and great temps for it.

We also took Nathan mini golfing today. It was great. Again, he hasn't been since he was in diapers but he really never had an interest to before. Ever since hes been playing Wii golf, he has been bitten by the bug and will golf or bowl at every opportunity given to him. It was fun. We soon realized that we were all rusty so we didn't keep score. Too much counting for a day off!

Afterwards we stopped at the new store to peek in to see the new doors in their frames and then went to dinner at one of my favorite little places called The Upper Crust. We shared a large pizza and called it a night. It was a great day and a much needed one at that.

I have posted some mini golf pics below.

Happy Sunday to You!

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