Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Sweet 16 Ashley Lamiroult!

This weekend I had the pleasure of creating a "totally wicked" birthday cake for Ashley Lamiroult's 16th Birthday. Ashley is a 16 year old girl whom at age 15 was diagnosed with Leukemia and is now in remission.

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Ashley, her mother Marjorie and two of her closest friends were invited to taste samples of cake flavors for her dream cake. It was at this time Ashley let me know her party's theme is Alice in Wonderland with a strong concentration on the Tea Party and the mice. I just knew this cake had to be special.

Together, we came up with a whimsical mad tea party themed cake complete with sugar mice, Alice, Mushrooms and Tea Pot.

The finished product was a large, shiny and somewhat tilted cake which got a huge seal of approval from Ashley and her friends and family.

Ashley chose Pink Champagne, Raspberry Almond and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fruit Truffle. Great choices Ash!

I was also given the privilege to attend this party (someone had to cut and serve this cake right?). It was a great time had by all and we were made to feel like we were old friends.

I just want to say how amazing Ashley and her family are. Truly gracious people and I am happy to know them.

Here a few photos from the party. I think Ashley looks beautiful in all of them so I hope she doesn't get upset about the photos of her I chose!

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