Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nathan's Broken Bone

Any parent's worst nightmare is seeing their child become hurt or injured. Yesterday Nathan was just that.

We have a swingset in our back yard with one of those monkey bar things you can hang from. Well, Nathan discovered a new trick.....running as fast as he can across the lawn to get a good start, jumping and grabbing on airborne so his legs swing over his head. Yeah Yeah you say...sounds risky....he's done it several times too!

He missed once yesterday though and that's all it took. He grabbed on tight and his hand slipped. His entire body weight (43.5 lb) came crashing down on his left arm. It was really scary.

He was a trooper though...cracking the nurses of the E.R up with his silly little jokes and stories..

Needless to say..he's doing well and thinks his cast is cool (he picked a lime green one..can't you tell he's my child!?) 6-8 weeks it will come off.

Here are a few pics. Lets see if you can find the break!

(Click Images to Enlarge)


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