Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little of this....a little of that............

I very much enjoy weeks I have the opportunity to create cakes for clients whose ideas and design favorites range all over the spectrum. This week I created a military insignia for a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps, a beach themed wedding cake for a couple who traveled from the West Coast to tie the knot on our beautiful island, and a wedding cake for a couple who have a more sophisticated flair, wanting a wedding cake with a beautiful traditional cascade of calla lilies (made of sugar). With a week like this, my job will never seem monotonous!

Tiare chose a beach design complete with sand, white chocolate sea shells, sugar beach fence and the adorable little sugar beach chairs which read " Husband" and "Wife". They celebrated their big day at The Crowne Plaza Resort on Hilton Head Island. Tiare's cake flavor choice was Sweet Vanilla Butter Cake filled with Vanilla Butter Cream. Congrats!

Jennifer and Daniel celebrated their day at the beautiful Port Royal Golf Club on Hilton Head and opted for a grandiose 4 tier round cake, finished in butter cream accented by a smoky purple fondant band at the base of each tier and over 100 sugar calla lilies creating a beautiful yet sophisticated cascade. They chose alternating tiers of Pink Champagne and Vanilla Custard to serve their 140 guests. Congratulations you guys!

Gunnery Sergeant Smalls is celebrating 20 dedicated years! This cake is the Gunnery Sergeant insignia for her rank! The cake was Sweet Vanilla Butter Cake with cream cheese filling, vanilla custard and fresh strawberries! Thank you GySgt Smalls for providing this photo to share!

Is your mouth watering yet??

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carllyza said...

You do an awesome job.. Keep up the good work,

From a friend of your Mom's from back when we were kids..

JoAnn Bender