Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A point of view from the other side of me..........

My clients, friends, fans and loyal blog followers have read my blog week after week. You've seen the happenings of this busy cake artist, you've seen photos of the cakes I create, but now I'm going to write this blog from the other side of me. I'd like to think I have a little more to offer this world than my cake art!

Me in a nut shell!

* I'm a 26 year old wife of an amazing man, mother to two adorable little boys, daughter to my fantastic parents, sister of a couple crazy siblings and friend of many wonderful people I am blessed to have in my life.

* In addition to making cakes, I enjoy painting and reading (wish I had more time for both)

* I bake better than I cook, but my cooking has managed to keep my family alive for the past 9 years so it can't be too bad!

* I can't wink, and learned to snap my fingers and whistle in my 20's

* I once thought I was going to be an architect- then aspired to become a polymer textile chemist- then wanted to be a sculptor- then a chef...........now I sort of do all of that!

* I look for the beauty in every day circumstances, though sometimes difficult to find- I usually find it

* I learned the most in my life- in 4th grade!

* My sons are amazing miracles. I love them both. They exhibit very small aspects of my genetics and are primarily my husbands clones- and I am at peace with that.

* My oldest son, Nathan, amazes me everyday! He is wise beyond his 7 years and is very well rounded. A purple belt in Taekwondo, he also enjoys running with his elementary school running club (has logged over 60 miles this school year alone) and also enjoys performing with the local youth theatre.

* Cameron, my 16 month old crazy man is a huge piece of my heart- I couldn't believe we actually took the step to have a second child, but I thank God every day that we did! He's a handful ( he's actually eating dog food as I write this) but he is lovable and funny just the same!

* I met my husband what seems like eons ago- but I love him more than I could ever imagine. I admire him in so many ways and think I want to be like him when I grow up!

* My pet peeves are having to repeat myself more than once- red mini vans because red is a sporty color, and clearly mini vans are not sporty- and when grown men wear pants that have belt loops, but don't wear a belt. Jeans are excluded!

* My husband once had to rescue me from a snorkeling adventure in the Bahamas. I had a panic attack and he blew up my emergency vest for me. He didn't have to...but he did. ;)

* My house is full of male dominance- but I am the queen! Being the only female in the house sometimes has it's drawbacks on movie night and game night!

* I could go on quite some time with this list, but I'll stop here so that some of me will remain a mystery.

Thanks for reading!

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Kelly said...

Great blog Sheri! Loved it and the pics!