Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice, Harley, Batman and Wedded Bliss

Last week was full of cool and unusual cakes. Some had 1 meaning, some had 1 very symbolic meaning, and some had a bunch of different items meaning different things. Not catching my drift? Take a look at the photos...they kind of speak for themselves.

This Batman themed cake was created for a little boy named Nathaniel who turned 3. I have had the pleasure of creating every one of Nathaniel's birthday cakes over the (3) years. Happy Birthday Nathaniel

This cake was for a lady named Jess who turned 23. Her friends went out of their way to throw her an Alice in Wonderland themed "Mad Hatter' party. The events of the evening included Mad Hatter costume party, a trip to see the opening of 'Alice in Wonderland' the movie, and of course this cool whimsical cake. Lucky girl!

Dave turned 50 and his wife, Stacie, surprised him with a party and this cool cake, oh yes...and a ZR1 of only a handful in the U.S I've been told! Dave is an adventure thrill seeker. He sky dives for a hobby/passion, he love Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Corvettes. Dave sounds like a pretty cool guy, very deserving of a cool cake!

Calli and Aaron wed on Hilton Head. Callie wanted a light blue butter cream finish complete with sugar shells and live calla lilies. Congratulations Calli and Aaron!

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