Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I did not go on hiatus from blogging...I've been busy having fun!

So...yeah....well.....it's been ugh well....say a month since I've last blogged. I promise though...I have not been kicking back eating bon bons in the sunset for the last month!

BUT I have indeed been having fun. If you would like to call your son, your precious little sweet innocent cutie pie son starting kindergarten fun...well then yes, I've been having fun. Add to that a trip to Chicago, a ton of client homework and well there are of course CAKES (tons of them might I add) and one could say I'm a little rusty with the updates. Truth is, with all the craziness that August had in store, I still managed to have a little fun. Thank goodness!!

But, alas, as most of you (the blog followers anyway) have been patiently waiting for...it's time for an update.

Okay so here goes....

CAKES! Tons of them- coming from every direction- they're everywhere and IT'S NOT SLOWING DOWN. I think there's a break coming soon (I think). Not complaining...it means longevity and job security I know I know...so here are the CAKES!

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