Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer is for the beach bound right??

The last couple weeks at Sheri's Edible Designs have been busy creating shells and sand for some really great beach theme wedding cakes. We create a lot of these here in Hilton Head.

My clients appreciate the thought I put into their cakes to design beach theme wedding cakes that are not your ordinary predictable beach wedding cake. When a client comes into the studio in hopes of ordering a "beachy" cake, I like to ask, " Are you looking for Elegant Beach, Funky Beach, Simplistic Beach, Rustic Beach, Minimalistic Beach.......?" the list goes on.

Hilton Head Island hosts primarily destination weddings. It is safe to say 99% of my clients are destination. They come here for the beach. I have often joked with clients that if I have to put another sea shell on a wedding cake I'm going to scream! This is obviously a joke as I know the rest of my career will involve those lovely little white chocolate or sugar paste creations.

What I am doing however, is going out of the box a little and design beach theme wedding cakes in such a way that you don't end up with the same cake Susie had, or Catherine, or Jessica.....these cakes are uniquely the clients own.

So, without further hesitation....I present you with the beach cakes from last week (yes...all of them in the same week, I told you BEACH bound summer!) and a few others who didn't fancy the sea shell idea and went for flowers or whimsy instead.


This week I also had the pleasure of creating some cakes that were anything but beach-

This cake was a joined birthday cake for Melanie's husband Jamie and best friend Jennifer. In addition to the black, white and red designs, there were also each person's 3 favorite things to personalize it a bit more. Jamie's favorite things are Clemson Football, Beer and his Boxer dogs. Jen's favorite things are Diamonds (which were edible on the cake), Moet white star champagne and her Ragdoll cats. Incorporating all these things was fun and I was surprised how easy it was to pull off!

Thanks for reading until the end! This was a long one!

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