Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a Wrap- goodbye October 2010- you've been good to me

Well well well. Ahhhh. Do you hear that? That's me- breathing in the biggest sigh imaginable. October has been insane! If it wasn't busy enough on the books, I also managed to fit in the time to film a tv show. Yes. That's right. I will be making my television debut this winter for a show we filmed for a major television network. At this time, I'm not at liberty to say which show or what network, but you better believe once I can talk about it, I will!

Many many cakes were created this month. I've posted some of them in an earlier post. I am going to share with you the rest of the cakes from this month, with the exception of the one we created for TV. That beast will have to wait until the show airs.

As you can imagine, I'm very tired. I'm also very blessed. These last 3 years have been some of the most amazing (and trying) in my life. I was looking at my accounts this month and realized that I'm only 3 cakes away from 1000. Yes...1000 cakes in 3 years! I couldn't believe it either. I've pulled some hours, some long nights and much time away from home. It's been good, but it's going to get even greater! I know that there are big things for Sheri's Edible Designs in the future. Thank you everyone for being a part of this ride!

Now onto the cakes!

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Anonymous said...

I loved our cake that Sheri did. She designed it all without me seeing the finish product until the ay of my wedding. I am glad I did it that way because it was the best thing in the room, I would have sheri make me another cake for all my special days. Thank you soon very much.