Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's October....again!

Wow! Another year, and another October. I have been truly blessed to continue strong in business and enjoy season after season of incredible weddings!

This weekend was very busy, as usual for the first weekend in October. I had an amazing time creating lots of beautiful cakes! I wasn't able to photograph all of the cakes from this weekend as I had time constraints and dead camera batteries...ugh!

The clients were amazing this weekend! Jessica and David, whose cakes you will see in a moment, first contacted me over 2 years ago! They met with me in my tiny Pineland Station studio and browsed through a portfolio much smaller than what it is today! I have enjoyed their visits to Hilton Head every summer and love when they order two small cakes of their wedding cake flavor to enjoy while they are vacationing. It is truly bittersweet. On one hand I am happy their day has finally come and that they are husband and wife, and on the other I am sad not to see their names on my client list, or anticipate their wedding with all the excitement of old friends!

In addition to Jessica and David, I want to congratulate the other couples married this weekend! The Papanias, The Grays, The Haleys, The Kays, The Michaels', and the Masons!

Again, I will await the pro-photos from the cakes I couldn't photograph but in the meantime,
I will share most of them with you!

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