Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa made an appearance at Sheri's Edible Designs!!

It was the middle of the night... twas the night before Christmas and all through the store, not a cake was baking, no batter to pour.....

Santa was very kind to Sheri's Edible Designs this year! Rumor has it he brought tons of shiny new equipment! Not only did he have his elves create a new hood system, but he had them install it as well! Underneath the hood system he left a big shiny toy called an oven. Its the biggest greatest new toy ever! It holds TONS of pans and will surely increase my production time so I have plenty more time to devote to the details of decorating!!!

It didn't end there! He brought new prep tables and a new walk-in cooler too! I thought my old equipment was great, but this...this is the icing on the cake! :)

So, thank you Santa, I know it wasn't easy to carry, deliver and install such heavy equipment and machinery!

We have had a very nice break. There were 4 days that my family had days off together. We spent the time relaxing, playing lots of Sorry and Trouble and doing fun family things.

I have attached a few photos of our holiday break! Happy New Year to everyone!!

Nathan with his cousins, Dustin, Andrew, Katie, Dylan, Nicole, Kelsey

Nathan with his cousin Katie. They are 5 months apart and best buddies!

Combined birthday/anniversary cake for the Allhusens

Christmas Eve wedding cake for small reception. Congratulations Courtney and Nathan! (great name)

Nathan with his cousins Emma, Abby and Kylie (his sisters as he calls them!)

Nathan giving his best approval pose of mommy's new toy

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