Monday, December 8, 2008

Reflections on a blessed year!

I have truly been blessed this year. It's hard to believe 2008 will soon be coming to an end. As the craziness that is wedding season winds down, I have had time to reflect on a genuinely amazing year.

Sheri's Edible Designs had grown full force. While every business owner aspires to do well and grow, I never really grasped the speed at which I would do so. I have had the opportunity to build so many great professional relationships that have become, well, friendships.

I honestly love, respect and care for everyone I work with and every client I work for. I humbly believe it is this dedication which has helped me not only realize my dream, but live it. This is what I have always and still aspire to do, build relationships that transcend the boundaries of the business.

Sheri's Edible Designs started the year as a small business tucked away in a little store on Hilton Head with many loyal clients rooting for me to take off running with all that is success. I am now, and very honored to say, an established cake art studio which has expanded into a very personalized "big" business. Without sounding too ahead of myself here, I am doing well just being me. A little lady with big big dreams and a heart made of cake!

2008 has also been an amazing year personally. I have reached self set goals and have accomplished what I feel is more than could ever have been expected. My little man Nathan turned 5, I reached the big 2-4 (24) and have celebrated another wonderful year with my husband and best friend Gary, the best 6 years of my life!
Not to forget the new friends that have been made, the challenges that were met and the awe inspiring opportunities that have been had.

With big hopes and sincere wishes, 2009 will be even better. I thank each and every individual who takes the time to say thank you or reaches out to let me know they appreciate my art. It keeps me wanting to be better, wanting to grow and gain more knowledge of my craft.

A combination of the best family, greatest friends, happiest most dedicated clients and the passion to keep living the dream is absolutely going to be my recipe for success.

Thank you.

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Mackie Usry said...

I read your blog often and just wanted to let you know that I think you are an extremely talented artist. I have an interest in cake decorating but not as much experience. I'm only 22, but you give me inspiration as you're only 24! I hope to be able to stop by your store next time I'm down in Okatie at my parent's house. Good Luck in the New Year!

Mackie Usry
Washington, DC