Monday, November 17, 2008

Appreciation For my Better Half!

Clients always ask me "You do this by yourself?". I do. From the original phone calls and emails to the consultation, the physical aspect of baking, filling, icing, decorating and delivery of the cake (with the exception of the very heavy ones) I do it all. But there is so much more to the day to day than everything listed above. This is where my husband and better half Gary comes in. Gary is an amazing man. He owns and operates his landscaping company, is a Supervisor at UPS and cares for our son Nathan, not to mention the bulk of the household chores. With all that aside, he is always there for me to handle certain things I will admit I just couldn't do alone. Every now and then, a client will need a cake that defies gravity. Gary helps to design the stabilizing structure for their cake. He is the handyman and a good one at that. He has also been extremely helpful doing the majority of the finishing touches of the new store during my crazy April-October season. I was virtually absent through it all.

Every job...from painting, to the floor trim, tile floors, sanding and patching walls and cleaning was done by Gary. He has now decided that he will never paint or tile anything again! Since he is not a paid laboror, I figured I would send this ode to him. I know it is hardly payment for his hard work, but maybe he'll see that I appreciate him more than he knows!

Here are some pictures from his summer of fun!!! :)

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