Friday, September 9, 2011

'Themed' Cakes

Clients often ask me "Does my cake necessarily NEED to have a theme?" or " Would it be possible to create something with a _________ (insert idea here) theme?"

The answer is no....and yes. Whether your event has a designated theme or is just simply elegant, your cake design can be whatever you desire.

Here are some examples from the last few weeks where clients have opted to go the themed route-

Beach theme cake with Celebration Events at Windows on the Waterway

USC Gamecocks themed rehearsal dinner and grooms cake at Windows on the Waterway

The one and only Cocky, the USC mascot, made a special trip to attend this celebration! He loves cake!

Turtle themed cake for a sweet little boy's birthday party

And this beautiful wedding cake for Cassie and Spencer transcends any 'theme' by being simply classic and elegant while using different textures and patterns to achieve a design uniquely their own.

Stay tuned for more amazing cake photos coming this weekend!!


Diana Daley photographers said...

Love the turtle cake! : )

JoAnn Bender said...

Your cakes look AWESOME!!!! I just know they taste great too...Great Job Sheri...