Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm back...and I'm bringing many celebrations with me!

So....yes, I've been absent from the blogosphere as of late. I know the same time every year I give the skinny on how life is a busy jumble of things, how I've been working day and night and night and day to create artful pieces of confectionery perfection. That rings true for this year, too. I would love to give a warm story for each couple who was married in the last month, as I forged relationships with each and every one of them. Unfortunately, I am sitting on my office floor...(because my back has become tolerant only to blogging from the floor) my finger tips aching from returning the email influx, and my eyes bloodshot from sleeping only a wink in the last month

Complaining? I think not! Tired and humbled by the spring wedding season? Very much so.

To type the details for each couple would take days to complete. I can say...the clients, the weddings, the cakes, the details of their planning process....all of it is very deserving of acknowledgment. Frankly, there have been so many weddings in the last 4 weeks- I have to resort to posting only photos of these lovely cakes. I am honored to have been part of all the weddings I have created cakes for in May and June.

And now...the cakes-

A very special thank you to Scott Hopkins Photographer and Belle Rouge Studio for a few of the photos in this blog post!

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