Friday, February 1, 2008

Kind Words

One of the highlights in this industry for me as an artist is hearing feedback. It is at times painstaking work to create custom "edible sculptures". The fact that there are some clients whom actually take time to tell me how much their cake was enjoyed is satisfying for me. I thought I'd share a few here in this post.

The first comment comes from a photographer based in the Upstate of SC. His name is Jason Tench of Blue Mountain Photo. I happened onto his website by accident and was so impressed with his work I emailed him a quick hello. This is the response email I received:


That was so sweet and thoughtful for you to send me an email the way you did. I absolutely love what I do, and I hope it shows in my work. Your comments were undeserving, but very appreciated.

I went to your website, and I think I'm just as impressed. Those cakes are GORGEOUS! If I ever get the chance to shoot a wedding with one of your cakes, I'm sure the pics of the cake will end up on my website! You have the most gorgeous cakes in South Carolina that I've seen. I don't think I've seen anything in the Upstate that comes even close! Also, for you to be as young as you are, and already this good at what you do. Well, that's just insane to me! Because, I know it takes years to learn how to make those kinds of creations.

I wish shot more weddings down that way. I would love to do more in and around HH. We did one at Daufuskie last year, but we don't have anything scheduled down there this year so far. Charleston is the closest that were coming so far this year. Hopefuly I will get to take pictures of your cakes at some point.I'm going to put a link from my blog to your website. I just haven't seen any cakes like yours around here and I think our brides and potential brides would love to see your site.
Talk to you soon.
Jason Tench
Blue Mountain Photo Works

Hi Sheri,

The cake looked beautiful but did not get a chance to taste it. Everyonesaid it was delicious!


Lois M.

I live in Houston, but have family in the Beaufort/Hilton Head area and have a daughter getting married next year. I happened on to your site by accident, but had to respond that this is MAGNIFICENT, OUTSTANDING, VERY TOUCHING. It is 1st class all the way. If she decides to have her wedding there you are the ONE..The songs which you have chosen are wonderful......Thank you.


Well you certainly were true to your word! Everyone just adored your creation!!!! Wally was especially thrilled. Would you please send your business cards along with the cake tomorrow. Thank you again.

Lois W.

I cannot put into words how great the birthday cake Sheri's Edible Designs made for my boyfriends 30th birthday was. Sheri graciously squeezed me in and made a cake that people are still talking about. Sheri took my idea for a cake and ran with it. The cake was far beyond expectation in design and in taste. I can't wait to order my next cake from her!

Elizabeth M.

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